Gastronomic Experience in Vietnam

One of my best experiences in Vietnam is food tasting. Vietnam's food at first glance seem strange though one will recognize that it is healthier because of vegetable ingredients.

It fact, Vietnamese foods have similarities with Filipino foods. Their rice cakes though served in different colors are pretty much like biko. They also have their own version of lumpia though the wrapper is similar to the transparent wrapper being used in Korea.

The taste of pho or noodle soup is delectable to the palate and I agree why it is the most famous Vietnamese food the world over.      

The delectable Vietnamese lime tea.

A shrimp porridge.

A food similar to Philippine lumpia. In here, a combination of meat, shrimp and veggies is wrapped in transparent wrapper. Of course it is best eaten with sour sauce.

A spicy and salty combination of peanuts and meat. Best eaten with fermented soy sauce and rice crackers (banh trang).

Vietnamese rice cake (xoi la dua).

A kind of Vietnamese pho (noodle soup).

Vegetable sidings served with the pho.