Everland: Korea's Wonderland

In Korea, there are two theme parks of interest. These theme parks are Lotte World and Everland. During my stint in Korea, I only visited Everland with a gang of friends.

Everland is a two-hour trip from Seoul. On the way to this place, you'll see nice views of the lush Korean country side.

Entrance to Everland.

At the time of our visit, it was around spring time so it was cool to walk around. At this time of the year, it is best to visit Everland for its blooming flowers in different colors as you can see below.

A shorter replica of the St. Mark's Campanile in Venice
with tulips in the foreground.

Spring blooms.

Hues of yellow and orange.

Serene white flowers.

The park is made colorful by so many flowers which
are part of the landscaping.

Magnificent Fountain

Nice landscaping of the theme park.

Serene fountain in the park.

The most thrilling ride is the "Express". Why? You will see in the next pictures. Here's the entrance to get to the ride. 

Express, a thrilling ride at Everland.

The almost vertical fall of the ride.

The massive structure of Express ride.

Because of that vertical fall, the ride is exciting and became a box-office hit. The feeling at the point of vertical fall is a different kind of thrill inside. Here's a closer look of the ride.

Closer look of the Express ride.

As you queue, you will see this exhibit depicting how the ride was cleverly constructed. So, you are being prepared for a very exciting ride. 

Exhibits on how the Express ride was constructed. 

Tools used in the construction of the ride.
One of the magnificently designed portals in Everland is that of the Alpine Village. It is an entrance to other attractions in the park.

Entrance to the Alpine Village.
Another thrilling ride but less severe than "Express".

For almost a day of visit to Everland, we were only able to enjoy these two rides. The reason being the long queue in "Express" but it's worth the wait.

Here are more sights in Everland, I would say display of architectural marvel, mostly European inspired. 

Scenes at the theme park.

An ornately designed building which houses the Oriental Restaurant. 

Replica of a tower in Venice.