Singapore Orchid and the Botanic Gardens

If one wants to relax on weekends, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a place to go. In this place, you can also find the National Orchid Garden, the Evolution Garden, the Healing Garden and the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.

One of the highlights of the Botanic Gardens is Vanda Miss Joaquim commonly known as Singapore Orchid. It was hybridized by Agnes Joaquim from Vanda hookeriana and Vanda teres. In 1893, the orchid was recognized as a hybrid by Henry Ridley, the first director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.      

In 1981, Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as Singapore's national flower because of its resilience and year round blooming quality. These characteristics were deemed to symbolize Singapore's uniqueness which built pride among its citizens.

Singapore orchid bred by Agnes Joaquim.

The tomb of Agnes Joaquim at the grounds of Armenian Church in downtown Singapore.

Singapore orchids in front of the National Orchid Garden.

The Botanic Gardens is exquisitely landscaped with various ornamental plants as well as trees. There are web of walkways for visitors to have a stroll and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.     

Plants in the botanic garden belonging to aloe family.

A passage way with curtain plants. Ideal for pre-nuptial photo shoot.

One of the sculptures found in the botanic gardens. 

There is also this Lily Pond which is a good place to take pictures of. It is not a huge pond, but it provides an inspiring view for meditation or reflection. 

The Lily Pond.

If you want to dine, there is a restaurant inside the Botanic Gardens. It is housed in a colonial-era bungalow which was the former residence of the Assistant Directors of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The EJH Corner House, which was already converted to restaurant. 

Marker for the EJH Corner House

In going to the Visitor's Center, one will pass by this fountain teeming with koi fish. I like gazing on these colorful creatures.
A fountain with Koi fish.

There are very interesting edifices within the Botanic Gardens. These are the Heritage Museum and Botany Center. The exhibits on orchid breeding at the Heritage Museum piqued my curiosity because I also want to do a similar experiment. I also saw in the Botany Center how they do the actual breeding. 

Orchid breeding exhibit at the Heritage Museum.

Orchid culture at the Botany Center. This center breeds orchids which 
are being named after dignitaries or celebrities visiting Singapore.

Orchids are admirable flower-bearing plants. In particular, Singapore orchid is a source of awe not only for its resilience but also for its extrinsic beauty. Moreover, a stroll at Singapore Botanic Gardens provides one with leisure and knowledge of interesting plants.