Fort Canning: Cradle of Singapore's Past

Singapore being at the crossroads of civilization, has a vibrant heritage that resonates well with its present. Vestiges of its colonial past makes one feel a lovable place to belong.

The Fort Canning heritage trail will let you experience what I really mean by "a lovable place to belong." Its storied past evokes a nostalgia to the visitors of the place.

There are many interesting spots along the Fort Canning heritage trail. The most prominent is the Fort Canning Green, a former Christian cemetery. It can be accessed through a gothic gate which bears the monogram of Jesus, IHS.   

Entrance to Fort Canning Green, a former cemetery.

Fort Canning Green is a field where concerts and carnivals are held. It is enclosed by a wall lined with the epitaphs taken from the tombs formerly located in the area.

The epitaph-lined wall around Fort Canning Green.

Among the famous structures in the area are the "Cupolas" designed by G.D. Coleman. In Coleman's distinctive style, he designed the former dome of the Armenian Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator in similar shape as the "Cupolas." 
The "Cupolas" designed by G.D. Coleman.

The description of "The Cupolas."

Another important structure at Fort Canning Green is the "Memorial to James Brooke Napier." James Brooke Napier is the infant son of William Napier and Maria Frances Napier. He died while on board the HMS "Meander" on February 17, 1848. 

Memorial to James Brooke Napier.

Description of the "Memorial to James Brooke Napier."

Standing regal and proud at one corner of Fort Canning Green is the Fort Canning Center, a military barracks during the British colonial era. Now it is used an an exhibition venue. 

Fort Canning Center, a former military barracks during the British colonial era.

Not too far from Fort Canning Green, one can find the exhibit on archeological dig at Fort Canning Hill.  

Excavation for artifacts at Fort Canning Hill.

Keramat Iskandar Sha, a place of pilgrimage for our Muslim brothers.

The tunnel at Fort Canning Hill.

Remnants of the colonial fortress.

The cute emblem of Singapore sitting on an inspiring message.