Mayon Volcano: The Epitome of an Exquisite

A visit to Albay will not be complete without visiting Cagsawa Ruins. Taking a picture by the ruins is tantamount to an iconic shot with Singapore's Merlion. As such, a common picture of Mount Mayon that is frequently seen is one taken in Cagsawa.

It was of late that I realized that there are spots in Albay where one can take exquisite photographs of Mount Mayon. Take for example the picture below taken in Sto. Domingo with the vast rice fields.   

A different angle of Mount Mayon, which still captures its majestic beauty.

In my hometown alone, there is a spot where you can take Mount Mayon's photograph as if it is Mount Fujiyama. This tells us only one thing - whatever perspective a lens may capture, Mt. Mayon is still the epitome of an exquisite.