Shinsegae Payard: Dining with a View

In Seoul, there's just too many places for dining from the pricey ones to the economical ones. But there is one thing in common, the foods really taste great. 

Another restaurant that offers good food and good view is Café Payard located at the rooftop of Shinsegae Main Branch in downtown Seoul.

One of the delectable menus at Café Payard.

A view of Namsan Tower from Café Payard. 

Though this restaurant is pricey, it offers excellent dishes and superb services. It is also good to linger in this place during  weekends when you have nothing to do in your house. You can enjoy the rooftop yard dotted with cute sculptures.

A sculpture in the rooftop garden of Shinsegae where Café Payard is. 

Another sculpture in your view when you dine in Café Payard. 

Protruding big eyes.

I always look forward to lounge in this cafe on weekends. It makes me fresh for another week's toil, and it excites me to face the new challenges in my workplace.