A Walk in Seoul

It has been said that Seoul is the "Soul of Asia". Indeed, one can experience this as he or she traverses the streets of Seoul. There are many attractions to see in the city.

Let us start at the National Assembly. 

The National Assembly taken from the other side of Han-gang.

The stately building of the Bank of Korea.

The fountain in front of Shinsegae Mall which was dedicated to laborers.

Building of the Korean Post Office.

The starting point of Cheonggyecheon, the stream in downtown Seoul.

The Cheonggyecheon during spring time.

King Sejong's Statue
In front of . King Sejong is hailed as the greatest Korean King. He invented Hangeul, Korea's artificial language.

Behind me is the statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin.

YMCA in downtown Seoul.

Entrance to Jogyesa Temple.

The main altar of Jogyesa Temple.

The Foreigners' Cemetery in Seoul.

The resting place of Homer B. Hulbert.
, who fell in love with Korea that he said "I would rather be buried in Korea than in Westminster Abbey."

Tomb of Kim Daejung
, Korean president from 1998-2003 and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in year 2000.

Tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Park Chunghee.
 They are the parents of current president of Korea, Park Geun Hye. President Park was the exponent of Korean chaebols or business conglomerates which helped propel the Korean economy.