Imjingak: A Hope for Unity

At the height of Kim Jong-un's rhetoric aganinst South Korea, I together with my office mates decided to take the thrill of getting near the North Korean border. At that time, it was a vibrant place with celebratory mood for there were lots of tourists and there is also a theme park which in my impression was packed with visitors. Here are the sights at Imjingak, the broder between North and South Korea.

Behind me are ribbons placed by visitors in the wall to wish for 
the reunification of North and South Korea. 

A plane used during the Korean War.
As a child, I really want to become a pilot that is why I made it a point to take this shot. 

Memorial to the War Heroes. 

Remnant of missiles used during the Korean War. 

Flags of countries who helped South Korea during the Korean War. 
 It was unfortunate that the Philippine flag was raised with the red color on top of the blue color which signifies a state of war. 

This is the view of the DMZ from the observation deck. 

The fields in Imjingak. 

Me and my friends posing before the map of Imjingak. 

A notice in the former railway station which was cut because of Korean War. 

A notice of how far is Pyeongyang from the Imjingak Station.

A graffiti wall in one of the exhibit halls. 

The train destroyed by the war and left in the very place where the rail 
was cut with the separation of North and South Korea. 

The fence separating South Korea and North Korea. 
  There are stones placed in the spaces between wires because it is used to detect intruders from the other side.

Remnants of Korean War