Stint at Fluor Daniel, Inc. - Philippines

My stint at Fluor Daniel, Inc. - Philippines had been an enjoyable one. We had a lot of extracurricular activities which honed us to become leaders and socially responsible citizens. We had lots of parties where we find friends and develop camaraderie with our colleagues. Here are some of those memorable moments.  

During our tree planting at Mount Makiling, we visited the boiling lake. It was said that in 1969, Tetchie Agbayani posed for Playboy magazine in the fallen trunk as seen in my picture below.

The "Boiling Lake" in my background.

Belonging to a socially responsible company, we had outreach with Bukid Kabataan, an orphanage at General Trias Cavite. One of the activities was a Christmas Party for the kids of Bukid Kabataan. The event was held at Ayala Alabang Village.

Me with a colleague during the Hawaiian-themed 
Christmas Party for Bukid Kabataan.

Of course, Fluor holds a grand Christmas party. When I was there, the party was held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. There were musicals magnificently performed by various departments. 

The Process Engineering Department together with the Mechanical Engineering Department were assigned to perform "Moulin Rouge."  

In our presentation "Moulin Rouge," I played the role of  Tolouse.

The performers of the musical "Moulin Rouge" from 
the Process Engineering Department.

Dancing during the party.

Aside from the company-wide Christmas Party, we also had our Department Christmas Party. It was held at Poquito Mas, Westgate, Alabang.   

Our funny presentation during the Department Christmas Party.

I hosted the "Singing Biggie" event during the party.

One of the interesting programs at Fluor is the Professional Publications and Presentations Program also known as P4. Fluor encourages its employees to publish papers in referred journals or present technical papers in professional conventions. This is to share knowledge from the company's breadth and depth of expertise (of course only those which can be disclosed).  

There is an annual recognition for employees who participated in P4. When I was there, it was held at Palms Country Club in Alabang.  

I received a plaque for my participation in P4. 

The participants to P4.

When there are visitors from other Fluor offices, we would also tour them in nearby tourist spots. I happened to be tasked to accompany our guests from Fluor Netherlands to Intramuros in Manila.  

Touring our visitors from Fluor Netherlands to Intramuros.

I also experienced attending a Diwali Celebration hosted by our department's technical coach in his Ayala Alabang residence. We were served there delectable Indian delicacies.   

Diwali Celebrations at our Technical Coach's house in Ayala Alabang.

My two-year stint at Fluor had been meaningful. Many things happened and it is just good to remember those happy times.