Strategic Management

TOWS Analysis

In this page, the method for conducting the Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Strengths (TOWS) Analysis is presented.

Porter's Five Forces

This page presents how to conduct the analysis of Porter's Five Forces. It also provides a canvass as a convenient guide for thinking through the analysis.  

Business Model Canvas

This presents how to generate a business model using Alex Osterwalder's business model canvas.

Marketing Management

Ble's Test

This discusses the method developed by Prof. Jose Miranda, a marketing professor at the Asian Institute of  Management.

Financial Management

Capital Budgeting

This presents in a succinct manner the capital budgeting technique.

Stock Option Valuation

In this page, valuation of Stock Options is discussed.

Organizational Design

Organizational Culture

This page presents the mapping of culture egg to determine an organization's culture.

Hofstede's Cultural Dimension

When an organization is globalizing its operation, it has to consider the degree of similarity and discrepancy of the organization's home culture and the host country's culture. The Hofstede's Cultural Dimension can provide insights on this aspect. 


Brandt's Ten Commandments

The ten commandments for entrepreneurship by Steven Brandt  is presented on this page.

Founder's Dilemma

This is a video of Prof. Noam Wasserman's  lecture on Founder's Dilemma.

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