This is a space dedicated for generating ideas, thus the name iSpace with i representing the word 'idea'.
Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas through the comment form below.

My motivation for creating this forum is to provide a public platform where one can share or debate ideas to come up with something useful or revolutionary, to improve existing tools or practices or to creatively destroy the state of the art.  

My primary interests which I am strongly keen to pursue for humanity's advancement are Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction, Social Entrepreneurship, Cognitive Distortions in Engineering Judgment and Semiotics in Cognitive-cultural Institutions. Proposals for research collaborations or funding on these topics are very much welcome. Proposals for partnerships or joint ventures to pursue projects or enterprises related to these topics will be evaluated as to feasibility and due diligence will be conducted prior to start-up.


1. Establishment of Bacacay Heritage Museum.

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