Please feel free to contact me regarding

1. Advertisements
2. Event Invitations 
3. Interviews
4. Sponsorships
5. Research Collaborations and/or Funding
6. Partnerships or Joint Ventures
7. Entrepreneurial Opportunities
8. Writing Invitations(for blogs, websites, newspapers, journals and magazines)
9. Speaking in Academic or Professional Fora or Symposia

I also offer the following services at reasonable prices:

1. MBA Admissions Coaching
2. MBA Admissions Essay Critiquing
3. Case Analysis Coaching
4. Case Writing Coaching
5. Feasibility Study Coaching (Practical Approach to Technical Study including commercial aspects.)
6. Thesis Advising
7. Project Management Training/Consulting (including application to Stanford Advanced Project Management Program and PMI PMP Certification)  
8. Educational Management Consulting (focus on Academic Advancement and Sustainable Financial Strategy)

Here are my contact details:

Mobile +639453455417

Permanent Address

     Unit 747 Jazz Residences Tower D
     Jupiter St. cor. Nicanor Garcia St.     
     Bel-Air, Makati City
     1209 Philippines