Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Pass the Project Management Professional Exam on First Take?

Many engineers would like to advance their career by becoming a Project Management Professional. However, before one can be considered as such, he or she has to pass a rigorous computer-based exam. 

If you are among the engineers who will take this exam, then you have two options. The first is you can sign up for a formal review classes while at the same time you can earn Professional Development Units (PDU's). The second option is to conduct self-study if you have already met the required PDU's. 

Assuming that you can choose the second option as you have already attained the required PDU's, then my advise is for you to buy this book. 

This book is highly recommended for those
self-reviewing for the PMP Exam. 

The book will help you in your game plan for acing the exam. The book was updated based on the revised exam format and it contains complete information every project manager needs.

The book has wider coverage as I encountered there management concepts I have not learned of before. In its early part, there is a checklist which can help you assess your project management knowledge. This will point your focus on areas which you are weak at. Anyhow, the book provides ample exercises for you to practice on.

I am not guaranteeing, but if you buy this book, you will have a higher chance of passing the exam on your first take. 

All the best on your PMP exam!  

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