Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shrouded in Veil

Unfathomed myst’ry,
So exquisite and lovely,
Sublime modesty.

Hidden preciousness,
Of charm and gorgeous finesse,
Truthful earnestness.

Pikachu's cuteness,
A spoonful of cleverness,
Poet's tenderness.

Dazzling character,
Inspiring and none better,
Making deeds kinder.

Woman of substance,
Modesty of importance,
Simple elegance.

Funny companion,
Conscience source of compassion,
My mind in halcyon.

Love of blissfulness,
Omnipotence astuteness,
A longing no less.

Noble in loving,
Values so tantalizing,
Making my heart sing!

Me with Sofia at Singapore Botanic Gardens Bandstand

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