Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Write an Essay and Join the Peter Drucker Challenge?

Joining the Peter Drucker Challenge is one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Meaningful in a sense that along the process, I learned so much, from drafting my essay to visa application then finally to my stint in Vienna.

My journey for essay writing started by visiting the Peter Drucker Challenge website. In there, you can find relevant information about the contest: the theme, the mechanics, criteria for judging and process for essay submission. The website also contains a repository of winning essays.   

Before you start writing the essay, know the theme of the contest which is announced on April 1. It is also advisable to read the winning essays of the previous years so that you can gain insights. In so doing, you can construct a working model from which you can develop your thoughts in tackling the current theme. It will also give you an idea of the best style to adopt for your essay.  

It is advisable to write first an outline and that it should have a clear focus. Generally in writing, you have to assume that your readers are intelligent and that there is no need to define or expound on the meaning of the technical terms you use. Remember, you are only limited to 3000 words, so you have to optimize your use of words to convey strategically your message.     

I suggest that in writing the essay, you should not start with a model. Even with case analysis, we are advised to refrain from starting with a model because it shows lack of creativity. Models are just tools which we can pull off later in the analysis.   

A story can be a good starting point as it sets the tone for the entire essay. Stories are also more interesting than more serious stuffs such as the model or highly technical discourse.

Writing the essay also entails enormous research in which case Google finds utmost use (including online dictionary). The good references you can tap are Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, Insights by Stanford Business as well as the works of renowned management authors, of course Dr. Drucker himself, Dr. Henry Mintzberg, Charles Handy, etc.

Also, do not forget to cite your references and provide the list at the end of your essay. It is also better to put in some creative work so that your entry will have an aesthetically appealing look.    

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Here are my pictures during the Peter Drucker Challenge Winners Reception at Austrian National Library. I met there Ms. Deepa Prahalad, the Head of the Judging Panel who happened to be the daughter of my most favorite HBR author C.K. Prahalad.                  
With Ms. Deepa Prahalad, Head of the Judging
Panel for the contest. 

With Ms. Namita Narkar, a fellow AIM alumni who garnered the first place
in the Entrepreneurs/Managers Category of the contest  

During the gala night at Marx Halle, the winners were once again recognized and awarded with a certificate.

The certificate I received for being on top 10 of
the Peter Drucker Challenge 2015 

Overall, the experience required a lot of effort but rewarding in the end. There's really more value to gain from joining the Peter Drucker Challenge. It's just up to you to take on the challenge!  


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