Thursday, January 8, 2015

How can Filipino oil and gas industry professionals find an overseas job?

There has been an observable trend in the Philippines in which many professionals are seeking for overseas jobs.

Specifically, professionals working in the oil and gas industry have leeway for mobility wherever they want to work. Now a days, searching and applying for overseas jobs can be done easily through the internet. 

Multinational companies such as Shell, Chevron, etc. have their own "Careers" webpage where one can create an account, upload resume and other supporting documents and apply for job openings. Seeking job in these companies however, seems to be quite challenging for they have very stringent hiring criteria. 

More popular companies to look for jobs are engineering and construction companies such as Fluor Corp., Jacobs Engineering, KBR, Bechtel, etc. The websites of these companies also have "Careers" page where an applicant can create an account, upload resume and other supporting documents and apply for job postings. Some of the postings in these websites however might be specific for citizens of the country where the office is located.

A relatively easier and more efficient way to find an overseas job is through applications in "job boards" such as Work Abroad, Seek, Oil and Gas Jobsearch, Fircroft, Rigzone, etc. There are just so many "job boards" out there but I will focus on three "job boards" through which I have found my overseas jobs.

The first "job board" which is tailored for Overseas Filipino Workers is Work Abroad. Many openings posted there are jobs in Asia particularly in the middle east. There are a few jobs there for Singapore and Taiwan but mostly in the semiconductor industry. Sometimes, there are also engineering job postings for Canada and the US though very rare. When you apply in this website, your resume is directed to a local employment agency which will help you process your work visa in the country where you are going as well as your Overseas Employment Certificate. Below is the link for the said "job board."  

If you want to seek employment in Australia and New Zealand, then the Seek "job board" is for you. Most of the postings there are for engineers with experience in mining industry. Sometimes, they also post job openings for engineers with experience in dairy processing.
Another "job board" which is global in scope is the Oil and Gas Jobsearch. In here, you can find jobs in Europe, US, Canada, Asia and Australia. When you submit your resume here, employment agency personnel will contact you if you are qualified for the position you are applying for. Sometimes, the job openings posted there are specific for certain nationalities. The common employment agencies posting here for job opportunities for Filipinos are JVR(for jobs in the Netherlands), NEC, Progressive, Brunel, Spencer Ogden, etc.       
For professionals who are seeking job in the US, there are two famous websites where one can apply. These are IPS and G.A.S. Unlimited. Below are the links to these websites.


Note: When applying for jobs in the Middle East, South East Asia, South Korea and Taiwan, you have to be under a local employment agency. This is mandated by law to protect Overseas Filipino Workers. In case, the employer abroad fails to pay the Filipino employee, the Filipino employee can claim his/her salary from the local employment agency.     

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  1. Hello Jed,

    Kaya marami din talaga umaalis at nagtrabaho na mga Overseas Filipino Workers sa ibang bansa kahit din sa oil and gas industry ay dahil napakalaki ng pagkakaiba sa sweldo, minsan 3-6 buwan na sweldo dito sa Pinas ay isang buwan lang na sweldo sa ibang bansa.

    Well, isa itong sad reality na hindi pa kaya magpasweldo ng malaki sa Pinas.