Friday, November 7, 2014

Ecce Sacerdus Magnus: The First Bacacayano Bishop

This is my tribute to His Excellency Most Rev. Lucilo Barrameda Quiambao, D.D. who celebrated his 82nd birthday last October 30, 2014.
Bishop Quiambao is a first cousin of my late grandma and a close buddy of Lolo Tinio, the youngest brother of my grandma.
It is indeed a great honor for our family who belong to Barrameda clan to have produced a bishop responsible for steering the Roman Catholic Church in Albay through auspicious and tumultuous times.
Tiyo Cilo as he is fondly called by his nephews and nieces or Mamo Liloy to his diocesan circles is a man who put great value on kinship. He initiates reunion of Barrameda clan especially the jubilant celebrations for Miriam Quiambao when she won the Miss Universe pageant.
I think, in Msgr. Quiambao's mind, he is after the betterment of Bacacay because he would always promote his native town to clerics he met both in the Philippines and abroad. In fact, various thanksgiving masses marking milestones of his life were held in Bacacay church. These celebrations were attended by church dignitaries and guests from various parts of the Philippines, which in effect promotes our town.  
By Divine willing or perhaps by Msgr. Quiambao's influence, Bacacay produced so many priests. In fact, the number of Bacacayano priests can already consist an entire presbyterium of a diocese. Some kind of mystery is at play, that his uncle Mr. Crispin B. Vergara Sr. (my great grandfather) founded a school which became a quasi-seminary for producing a significant number of priests. 
With that, I wish Msgr. Quiambao longevity to keep the Catholic faith burning!
During the Misa de Gracia (Thanksgiving Mass) of
newly ordained priest Fr. Lucilo B. Quiambao. 
His Excellency Most Rev. Lucilo B. Quiambao, D.D.
in his episcopal regalia.

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