Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview with Prof. Ray Levitt on Stanford Advanced Project Management

Prof. Raymond E. Levitt
Having taken the Stanford Advanced Project Management Course, I find it very helpful in the performance of project management tasks.

It is a very insightful course presented in a creative and intuitive approach by Stanford professors.

I would also like to share this meaningful experience with you in case you are a project management practitioner who want to boost your knowledge and credentials or anyone interested in project management.

To give you a better preview of the course, I interviewed Prof. Raymond E. Levitt, the Academic Director of Stanford Advanced Project Management Program. Here's my interview with him.

JMB: What do Stanford Center for Professional Development envisions with the offering of the Advanced Project Management course?
Prof. Levitt: This course is intended to provide mid-career project and program managers with the skills needed to help their organizations implement the most important strategic initiatives through the discipline of advanced project and program management.   “Advanced” project management to us means going beyond the basic PM skills included in the PMP certification of the Project Management Institute to understand organizational structure, culture and leadership skills associated with implementation of a broad array of strategic projects and programs.

JMB: How is the acceptance of this certificate course by the industry?
Prof. Levitt: The acceptance of this certificate course by the industry has been overwhelmingly positive. We launched the program in 1999 with a single course, and then expanded it to 14 courses that form a certificate with strong encouragement from industry. Today companies have sent more than 6,500 managers through this program and it is Stanford's largest single executive education program by far.
JMB: Are there any feedback from companies which sponsored their employees to take this course?
Prof. Levitt: Several of the companies who send individuals to take this course have been brought the course to their workplace through our training partner, IUPSLearning, which teaches the course at company sites based on the company's portfolio of projects.
JMB: Why would you encourage project managers or aspiring project management practitioners to take this course?

Prof. Levitt: We believe that this course is unique and provides a strategic view of project management as a language and set of concepts and tools for implementing critical corporate strategies successfully that is not available anywhere else.

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