Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review: The Art of War

Author: Sun Tzu and James Clavell 
Title of the Book: "The Art of War" 

Year of Publication: 1983
Place of Publication: New York     
Publisher: Delacorte Press  
Number of Pages: 82 
Price: USD 3.68 (Amazon Price)  
ISBN: 978-0440002437


"The Art of War" is a very famous book among MBA's as it teaches time honored approaches to strategy.

The world's familiarity with this book cannot be questioned. As such, I will review this book with a different approach.

If Sun Tzu is alive in this modern times, he could have been a Chinese academic who migrated to the US. He could have been a professor of economics or strategy at the Sloan School of Management or the Chicago Booth School of Business.

His seminal paper entitled "The Art of War" is the most cited in academic publications in Elsevier, Harvard Business Review and other business magazines.

Being the foremost strategist in America today, he is sitting in the advisory board of McKinsey and at one time nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics but lost to a lesser known economist.

He is preaching to corporate masters to consider Moral Law in their business strategy for a sustainable business model. As such, Pope Francis invited him for a tea in the Vatican and gave him a perpetual blessing.

He is very much concerned about Earth with its looming security crises in terrorism and political upheavals.  He is also concerned about life and death in life-threatening diseases and global warming.

He was invited in Singapore as Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor where he delivered a lecture. In that lecture, he clarified that "The Art of War" is not really about waging war and being ruthless but about making a profound and significant impact however and wherever we may be.     

That's the story of Sun Tzu, his Art of War, his conquering of the corporate boardroom but lost the Nobel to a lesser known economist.

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