Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: The McKinsey Way

Author: Ethan M. Rasiel
Title of the Book: "The McKinsey Way" 
Year of Publication: 1999  
Place of Publication: New York   
Publisher: McGraw-Hill   
Number of Pages: 185  
Price: USD 16.21  
ISBN: 978-0-07-136883-4  

This book is a good read for business executives, entrepreneurs, MBA students and MBA aspirants. The book presents in a succinct manner important business concepts which you can learn typically in a 16-month MBA program.

It portrays the science of management consulting which McKinsey perfected through years of consulting engagements.  

I like the book because it is enlightening and provides insights on first steps to business problem solving even if the problem is not yet clearly framed in business context.

I also like their data-driven approach which can unearth significant insights on their clients' current situation, thereby helping them decide on the right course of action to take.

The book is compelling in its recommendations for it provides illustrations both from the author's actual experiences as well as that of his colleagues'.     

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