Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: The One Minute Entrepreneur

Author: Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson & Ethan Willis
Title of the Book: "The One Minute Entrepreneur" 
Year of Publication: 2010 
Place of Publication: New York 
Publisher: Broadway Books  
Number of Pages: 129 
Price: PhP 299.00 
ISBN: 978-0-307-59029-9

In this book, Ken Blanchard explains why the title of the book is such. He said that the title contains the phrase “One Minute” because often the best advice we get in life and in business is told in one minute.

The story in the book is told like a parable and the theme is on entrepreneurship. The protagonist is Jud McCarley who as an entrepreneur was beset with challenges commonly encountered by any entrepreneur.

The lessons one can draw from Jud’s success story are;

1.      The importance of taking down notes of advises received
2.      The imperative of having a mentor to turn to for expertise
3.      Empowering employees to take responsibility for business
4.      Taking care of customers
5.      A strength taken to its extreme can be a liability
6.      If nobody will pay you to do what you love, you have a hobby not a career
7.      The real meaning of giving back to society  

Why I highly recommend this book is that it has “One Minute Insights” provided at the end of every chapter. These portions highlight the lessons in each chapter which every entrepreneur has to learn.

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