Saturday, February 8, 2014

Walk About: The Leadership Style of Roberto V. Garcia

One of the activities of MBA students at AIM is the "Walk About." For our "Walk About" we were tasked to discuss the leadership style of various business leaders who happened to be AIM Alumni. Mr. Roberto V. Garcia was the AIM Alumnus assigned to us. 

Mr. Garcia belongs to the elite group of MBM Batch 1973 who happened to be the recipient of the AIM Alumni Achievement Award in 1979. He is a fellow Bicolano who hails from Naga City. He spent his childhood days in Naga and took his high school at the Ateneo de Manila University. He obtained his degrees in Business Management and Economics from De La Salle University in 1968. During his stint at De La Salle University, he was elected Student Council chairman and editor in chief of the "La Sallian," the student news publication of the said university. He was recognized for this as "Most Outstanding Student Leader" in 1968. At AIM, he was also elected chairman of the Student Association and thereafter president of AIM Alumni Association.

He was the president and chief operating officer of Oriental and Motolite Corporation prior to his retirement in 2004. He served in that company for 34 years and lead that company to become ASEAN's largest battery manufacturer and one of the most technologically advanced companies in Asia.

What I have gotten from our discussion with him was that the most challenging aspect of management is managing people. He said that human beings are so complex and there are a lot of things going around in one's mind. He also emphasized the importance of spirituality in one's life.  
My classmate Arjun Thirukunda interviewing Mr. Roberto V. Garcia.   

Sindhu Surapaneni and Kesav Raj presenting our group's token to Mr. Garcia. 

Our group's posterity shot with Mr. Roberto V. Garcia.

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