Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Via Te Cum: A tribute to Lolo Tinio

Life is so short but not short
For a man who can do better
In enlightenment and courage
Flame of wisdom's eternal rage.

Reared on lofty aspiration
Thy kin noble inspiration
A pillar of strong foundation
In bringing up education.

For the man has long shadow,
Yet in time it becomes longer
And that the longer part is you
For the care and guidance all through.

Your journey in the moon river
Will not stop in the rainbow's end
Neither will it bend, but ascend
In the legacy that you mend.

Your way to eternity
Let these verses prayerfully
Reach the ears of the Deity
To give you rest eternally.

Lolo Tinio with his family. From left: Auntie Hazel, Auntie Dimpna, Lola Ding, Lolo Tinio carrying Auntie Net, Uncle Alex and Uncle Pin

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