Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prof. Milagros D. Lagrosa: An Inspiring Professor

With Prof. Mila Lagrosa during the Commencement Exercises at AIM. 

For me, one of the most memorable subjects at AIM is Human Behavior in Organization (HBO). Now they renamed it to Managing People in Organization (MPO). Some would even joke that MPO stands for Manipulating People in Organization.  

At first, HBO seems to be the easiest subject from among the Term 1 and Term 2 subjects. However, we were given enormous tasks including voluminous reading assignments, presentation for walk about and Learning Team discussions. Despite of that, I still find HBO as the subject that can break the monotony of too much thinking in our other subjects. It is the subject that I feel relaxed. And I owe that to the motherly approach of Prof. Milagros D. Lagrosa when she teach. She is a very kind professor and you can see in her profound religiosity.

Upon knowing that my family own a school in the province, she volunteered to be a consultant on education leadership. According to her, it's her way of giving back to the community.     

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  1. Well this reminds me about one of our professor whose name was Aloke Ghosh. He was our accounting professor and he was always an inspiration to me during my academic career. Whateve r I am today is because of his efforts.