Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lecture to Honor Dr. Natividad M. Padre: My Advocacy

I would like to share with you my advocacy at Bicol University. I started this way back in 2007 and I hope that it will be continued by future generations of Chemical Engineering Students and Alumni of Bicol University.

Why a Lecture to Honor Dr. Natividad M. Padre?

Patterned after the Bridgwater Symposium at the University of Cambridge to mark the Shell Professor's retirement.

Influenced by the Lecture to Honor Einstein and the Birth of Quantum Theory at Yale University.

1. To Honor Dr. Natividad M. Padre, the founder of Bicol University Department of Chemical Engineering.
2. To commence Alumni Lectures on their respective fields.
3. To commence Professorial Chair Lectures at Bicol University
4. To commence Distinguished Lecturing at Bicol University
5. To commence "Industry-Academe Mutualism"

Topics During the Inaugural Lecture

Part 1. The Chemical Engineering Profession

1. A lecture for First Year and Second Year Students to give them perspectives and insights on the career they have chosen.
2. Opportunities of a Process Engineer: The JGC Experience

Part 2. Chemical Process Design: A Strategy from Optimum Viewpoint
A lecture for Third Year to Fifth Year Students on the Basic and Optimum Applications of Transport Phenomena, Chemical Kinetics and Unit Operations to Chemical Process Design.

Two Aspects:
1. Overall Strategy for Chemical Process Design
2. Optimization

Part 3. Workshop on Optimization
Group of Students comprising of 3rd Year, 4th Year and 5th Year Students will be given an optimization problem to solve. Those groups will be selected randomly to present their solution.

The Event

Me delivering the inaugural lecture.

Among the people who boosted my morale during the lecture are my friends Engr. Junel B. Borbo and Engr. Micah Moses G. Sangil who are my classmates in the pioneer batch of chemical engineering students.

My audience during the lecture. 

Dr.Natividad Padre, the Honoree receiving token from the incoming department chair, Engr. Ma. Teresa M. Mina and PIChE-JCV President Rodel Gonzaga.

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