Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Review: The Idea Book

Author: Fredrik Haren
Title of the Book: “The Idea Book"
Year of Publication: 2004
Place of Publication: Stockholm
Number of Pages: 299  
Price: PhP 995
ISBN: 91-975470-3-4 

In the book entitled "How to Become CEO," Jeffrey J. Fox advises to keep a notebook where you can jot down your ideas. This is reason why I bought "The Idea Book." It is a perfect book where I can jot down my ideas. The book contains 60 quick to read quotations that can inspire creativity. It has 150 pages of blank pages where you can write down your ideas as it comes to mind.      

According to the author of the book Fredrik Haren, writing down ideas is important because who knows, some of the ideas you write down can be implemented in the future. Furthermore, he mentioned that it is not the source of ideas which is important but it is the idea itself so long as it is useful. It was also mentioned in the book that jotting down one's idea had been a practice of eminent personages of history such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Edison.   

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