Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Gift of Lasting Gratitude

These are three, not two, not one,
A gift from everyone.
Three for love we have of you
That sweetly says “We Love You.”

A tender mother that really care
And chemistry you always share
For no one else can say to dare
Your unparalleled, unequalled fare.

An orchid from a garden bloom,
Whose beauty not worth to loom
When the sky leads it to boom
Remember us in its fume.

Its every leaves, roots and stem
Remind us how we grow like them
In your maternal gentle helm,
That nurtured us like precious gem.

This poem is for Dr. Natividad M. Padre, the founding chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Bicol University. She is not just a mentor, but a mother to us all. My prime advocacy is the lecture in her honor dubbed as Natividad Padre Lectures at Bicol University. These lectures is similar to the Lewis Lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering with a Distinguished Visiting Lectures component similar to the Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor in Singapore.

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