Thursday, January 30, 2014

Matrix-Analysis-Tabular (MAT) Method


Among the most commonly used unit operations of chemical engineering applied to industries is screening. As such, new method of treating problems in screening needs to be developed. Traditionally, problems in screening are solved involving so many material balances that make the computations tasking, clumsy and often confusing. That is why in this paper, an organized, direct and short solution is explored. This is with the use of Matrix, Data for Screen Analysis and Table. To eliminate the cumbersome manipulations in solving simultaneous equations, the concept of matrix was utilized. From the overall material balance and the screen analysis data, the variables of the equation can be determined.  Even without writing the equations, the known coefficients from overall material balance and data can be directly substituted to the expression for determinant and subsequently solving its value. Having the value of the determinant, the amounts of each fraction can be solved using Cramer's Rule. After which, all the values computed and the coefficients should be arranged in tabular form to facilitate computations of each fraction in the pure material's fraction. All the values computed are subsequently used for further computations, such as the effectiveness of the screen and its capacity. For more complicated separations that involve four to several fractions, the same principles apply, however, Laplace expansion is to be done. In this case, a vivid and thorough analysis deem necessary. This new method shortened the time of computation, economize space for the solution and eradicated added complexity. This therefore resulted to an ease of computation.


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In this picture, I was asked by our session's moderator Prof. Dr. Analiza P. Rollon of UP Diliman during the open forum. This was my very first presentation in an international convention which was hosted by De La Salle University and held at Dusit Hotel Nikko.

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