Thursday, January 30, 2014

Conservative vs. Optimum: Perspective on Process Design

In the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance (EPCM) industry, projects are executed in several phases. Process engineering being involved in the earlier phases of execution plays a crucial role in having a successful project. As such, in every phase of project execution, it is imperative to know whether the process is to be designed conservatively or optimally. Generally, in the earlier part of project execution (conceptual, front-end-engineering design) the process is designed conservatively. In the later part (detailed or value engineering), process is designed optimally. In this paper, various process engineering activities in each phase are examined to determine whether conservative or optimum design is to prevail. As a whole, it is important to note that what is conservative is not necessarily optimum, but what is optimum is necessarily conservative. 

I was explaining to the audience what my paper is all about. This was my second time to present a paper at RSCE, this time hosted by the Royal and Pontifical University of Sto. Tomas held at Manila Hotel. 

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