Thursday, November 18, 2010

Real Life Application on the Learning Team Level

During our LT discussions, I would pose questions which sometimes lead to the solution of our LBO cases. One of my learning teammates commended me for this. This kind of questioning helps me a lot in solving problems here or even during my past work. If this is my way of analyzing things, then I should continue doing it during our LT discussions.

My experience with my learning team made me realize that I can work on a team and that I can make significant contributions. During my first meeting with them, I was very shy to speak up. But later, I'm already sharing my insights quite confidently. This even extended to our class discussion in which one of my teammates noticed and told me of my improvement in class participation.

I think one of the best venue to hone my analytical, communications and time management skills as well as my self-confidence is our learning team and discussions. As such, I should struggle to participate in class more frequently because in so doing, I'm training myself to think on my feet and communicate effectively what I have in mind. Synthesizing ideas to share during LT and class discussions requires a logical thinking and in participating actively in discussions I can breed this kind of attitude in me.

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