Monday, November 8, 2010

Kowloon House

Being an avid lover of Chinese foods, I would always want to dine in Chinese restaurants or even in Chinese fast food chains. My love for Chinese foods began when I was a little child when we would always dine in Chinese restaurants in Legazpi City. These restaurants are among the best in the area and restaurant itself is very homey.

Having discovered Kowloon house several days ago, I've been visiting it frequently because I like the taste of their sharksfin siomai, siopao and beef wanton noodles.

While dining in this restaurant, I suddenly remembered the assignment in HBO. So I thought of doing that assignment at that time and I started observing the serving crew. In so doing, I'm hitting two birds at the same time.

Based on what I had observed, the members of the serving crew were tired. They were wary of serving a number of customers which had great demand for their services. In fact, the cashier is also doing food preparation and serving tasks. The crew cannot deliver promptly what the customer's needs. It seems, that the members of the serving crew just have a mindset of doing their job and nothing more. I don't think they even find contentment nor meaning in their job. They just have to do it do earn a living.

Despite of this however, I will still dine at Kowloon House because the food's taste compensate much more than the inconveniences brought about by the wearied crew. Just like in our households, we just have to understand them because any how they make our life a little bit convenient.

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