Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reflections on Myself: The PSI, MI and AIM-EIM Indicators

Based on my results from the AIM-EIM, PSI and MI, I was able to to identify my top three areas of strength and top three areas for growth and improvement.

My top three areas of strength are as follows:

Self-management. On this aspect, I believe I can manage well my studies. During my earlier days here at AIM, I was still adjusting to the academic demands and to the enormous time required to devote to studies. During that time, I missed one lecture in economics and frequently would come to class late. But right now, I won't miss any class and I can allocate my time efficiently for studying each subject. This resulted to my better participation in class especially in LOB.

Linguistic. My strength on this aspect manifests whenever I respond to the cold call. Frequently, whenever I recite, my classmates would laugh. Not because my answers were wrong, but because I can put it in such a way that it is funny. During our LT discussions, I can communicate well to the group and my groupmates understand me well. I'm just thankful that I have the gift of words. I can write well and I was able to share this to others through my writing engagements in various publications since college days.

Analytical. In the LT sessions, I would pose questions that often times lead to better analysis of the case. Sometimes, we discovered the key to soving the problems in the case because of my questions.

The areas that I need to improve on are as follows:

Self-confidence. I'm too awkward when talking to someone like Prof. Macaranas, Prof. Tan or Prof. Lim. Maybe because I think of their authority or achievement and I'm just a minute being far inferior from them. Or maybe, it's because of too much respect for the elders in the way we were raised in the province.

Bodily Kinesthetic. I'm really not good in sports. Whenever I play basketball, it's so hard for me to shoot the ball. Now I would just want to try golf instead of basketball, because in basketball, in order for me to become a good player, I should have started it when I was a kid. But in golf, I can start it now and still be good at it through practice in the coming years.

Details. Sometimes in our LT discussion, I will share to them the general concepts, but I can't point specific details in the case. I'm not very good at connecting the case facts. I have to reread the case everytime specific details are needed.

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