Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Managing Myself

Our activity on October 13, 2010 was related to managing oneself. This activity was helpful for me to discern my values in life.

I realized from this activity that the three things I want to make my life worthwhile are the following:

1. Doing something beneficial
2. Learning the dimensions of life one step at a time
3. Bringing positive force everywhere I go

Of the three most important things, doing something beneficial is the first thing that I can give up. Though it will cause discontent on my part, but I'm consoled by the fact that it is less essential than the other two.

I am quite fortunate because the "Angel of Death" took away my second priority which was learning the dimensions of life one step at a time. I am a lover of knowledge and I want to learn new things all the time. This loss definitely made me feel that half of my life was taken away and it was such a great paralysis. However, I realized that, this was not the end of my life. I still have life to be lived to the fullest which can be achieved through positivism. And this is what remains with me - a value for certain that will make my life meaningful.

Why do I value positivism?

I remember this tale of two guys who were handicapped and infirm. Both of them were lying in a hospital bed next to each other. Everyday, the guy next to the window would tell the other guy who was blind about the beautiful things he was seeing outside such as the colors of the cars passing by. Those stories amused the blind guy and he was enlivened despite of his misery. One day, the blind guy wondered why was the guy next to the window not talking and telling him stories. When the nurse came to the room, he asked her. The nurse responded, "your friend passed away early this morning." The blind guy wept and said, "now, no one will tell me what's happening outside this hospital." The nurse became skeptical and said to the blind guy, "how come that he's telling you those things? He cannot see what is happening outside because he is also blind."

This story teaches me one thing, positivism is contagious and it gives hope in times of great despair. That is why, let us try to bring positivism whenever we have a chance to do so.

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